Making My Own Magazine Cover and Spread

Cover Photo



Why A Magazine?

Currently, I’m taking a Visual Media course and we were asked to make a magazine cover and spread. I had the option to choose a talk or news article from either or I chose the talk from President Thomas S. Monson from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. This talk is on the importance of decision making and it is my hope that it leaves others with a sense of peace and direction.

Target Audience

The audience that I am targeting with this magazine are university students in their 20s. The reason I chose this group of people is because I can relate easily, since I am in that age range. As well, I wanted to give them a sense of peace that everything will work out. It’s a stressful time, full of making big decisions and I want them to know that they can do it.

Color and Typography

I chose yellow for my main color because it makes you feel happy and at peace. I also added purple and green because it makes the article lively and grabs your attention as well as having a good contrast. As far as the typography goes, I liked using sans-serif and serif type fonts. I think that they fit well together because they give you a contrast while still looking crisp and clean. Even with all the fun elements, I wanted the magazine cover to still look neat and professional.


I did three separate sketches for this project and what it really came down to was that I didn’t want an overload of information on a page. I wanted an image on the first page because images draw more people to an object than words do, in my opinion. I also wanted to leave with a photograph so that people would keep that final image in their minds. The quote in the middle is the thought that I wanted to be remembered the most.


I chose flowers to be the first photograph you see, because I know that flowers can make many people very happy. As well, flowers can bring anyone a sense of peace. The second photograph is a building on the BYU-Idaho campus. I really like this building because it looks similar to LDS temples and it is just a great building to look at. When I saw it from afar I also got a sense of peace. With peace being the theme of my magazine I thought it fit perfectly.

Taken by Me

Taken by Me


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