Eating Gluten Free with Friends

Let’s face it, eating gluten free on your own can be a challenge, especially in the beginning. Once you think that you have mastered that skill you face another uphill battle, eating gluten free with your friends.


When I was first diagnosed with celiac, I never realized that eating with friends could be a potential issue. Now however, the moment I go to my friend’s house a cross-contamination alarm begins going off in my head. And yes, I most definitely panic every single time.


In hopes that I can get over this fear and help you get over this fear, I wanted to share some tips with you today. My first advice would be to tell people what you can eat, instead of saying what you can’t eat. They will be less confused and the task seems much simpler, they will also thank you in the long run.


According to you should, “Offer to bring a course with you.” They also recommended bringing your own meat and vegetables wrapped in tin foil to a BBQ so that you can avoid cross-contamination. When your friend does decide to make a dish for you, double check the ingredients yourself to make sure it’s safe. If you’re too worried about the gluten free aspect of it all, just host a party at your own home. This will be less stressful for you and your friends. Above all, remember that your health is more important than pleasing someone. You can be grateful, without having to harm your body.


2 thoughts on “Eating Gluten Free with Friends

  1. I’m exactly the same, I always worry about going for dinner at someone else’s house. Luckily, my friends who cook are very understanding and I’ve never had any problems 🙂 Great post!


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