My Personal Icons: Fashion


For my Visual Media course, I was asked to make icons. I decided to make icons of things that I enjoy and that I wouldn’t mind sharing with the world. The icons I made are a purse, skirt, shirt, and pants. I hope that you find them fun to look at and enjoy them almost as much as I do.

Target Audience

My target audience is women in their 20s. The clothing and purse are for those who want to dress up more formal. The style is also for the summer, as there are pants included in the clothing set. The clothing could be used professionally or just for certain events. I think that this design appeals to women in this audience because of the colors and patterns that were used. There is a lot of decoration on the clothing and it doesn’t look too young or too old.  As well, some of the items you can use in multiple seasons.


While making these icons I wanted them to have lots of different shapes. I believe that the different shapes can make all the difference  because they adds contrast to the icons. I specifically included straight lines because they make the icons look more neat and organized. And as you can see, there are straight lines in each icon that was made. Another design decision was adding circles. They make the appearance more fun and exciting. And also grab your attention.


For me, color is one of the most important elements of design. The blue/green color is my favorite and it was used to draw attention. This color is made me think of summer and it is also fresh like the water. The orange enhances the design because it’s goes well with the blue/green color. It is also very inviting and fun, just as the circles are. I also kept the white in the icons because it gives your eyes a rest and it also makes them look more elegant.


Thank you for taking the time to see my icon designs. Through doing this project I have learned the importance of creating your target audience first and then creating the product. Not only does it take 2 or 3 rough drafts, but it takes many hours in the making. Through diligence I have been able to see my work pay off. Even if it’s not perfect it’s important to see the progress that you can make. And through practice we can all improve.



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