Creative Ad


This creative ad was made for my Visual Media class. The product I am advertising for is a pen. The concept for this project was to advertise an item in a creative and abstract way. I used the lipstick with the pen as the abstract idea. I will go into more detail about the design aspect in a later section.

 Target Audience

My audience is single women between the ages of 25-34. They have their Bachelor’s Degree’s and are avid users of blogs and social media. The design appeals to this audience due to the color choice and also the appearance of the pen and lipstick. The pen is more fancy then a typical one that you see in the grocery store.


The main decisions I made for the design were making the lipstick-pen in the center of the ad. I did this of course as to make the item the focus since it’s the product. The decision of align-left instead of align-center was due to it being overly used. I also believe that with align-left gives a better flow to the ad. Making your eyes engaged and focused on the whole ad.


The main font used for the ad was Avenir Next: Regular. I used this font because it’s sans-serif. It enhanced the design due to the easiness of its read and also the clean look that it gives. The font for the word “smooth” was Apple Chancery. This font added contrast due to it being serif type font. It makes the  ad look fancier as well.


I chose the blush color because of the lipstick, it also gives a nice focus on the word “smooth.” I wanted to focus on this word because I believe the most important quality in a pen is its smoothness when it writes.  Another color used was yellow/gold. This color was a good contrast with the wood table and also very easy to see. I tried many other colors for the main text, but most of them didn’t show up. The final color used was brown. This color was taken from the pen as well, I used it for the Tiffany & Co. logo.


My favorite thing about this design is how well the lipstick and pen came together. I chose those two images to use for my project because they used the same colors that blend well together. The wood table was the perfect addition, due to its older feel. Using that older feel makes a contrast between the lipstick-pen and the table. It applied well to the target audience due to the fact that many women are into design and antique looking things.


A big thanks to all of those who have looked at my blog post. This was my first experience making a creative ad and I am very much a beginner. So, I appreciate your patience with this process. I encourage everyone, to begin making your own designs. There is a learning curve and it’s difficult, but very much worth it.

Photographs Used


Link to image

Wood Table

Link to image


Link to image


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