My Oreo’s Ad Campaign


For this project, I found an Oreo’s advertisement and created my own. The one I created is meant to go along with the Oreo campaign. In order to make my ad, I did draw-overs and critiques of the Oreo’s ad. I will be sharing with you the original ad, draw overs, and my new ad in this blog post today.

My project

Target Audience

My target audience is American children ages 7-12. Those who like eating cookies and see many Oreos commercials. I chose this audience because that is part of the time that you begin growing a lot. You are hungry often and cookies are the best snack/treat that you enjoy.

My design appeals to the target audience due to the color choice or blue, pink, and white. They are soft colors that are often used in children’s products. As well, there are few words written and they are easy for children to read.

Design: Alignment

The left align photo combined with the right align text enhances the design because it draws your eyes back and forth to those two things. You become drawn into the ad.


The pink and blue portray softness and add a contrast that is not too extreme. The color of the cookie also adds a contrast and makes you hungry. As well, the white and different shades of blue make the ad have a tone of calmness.


The typography used in the ad enhances the design by its simpleness. The uppercase letters, combined with the bold font are easy to see, making the design look crisp and clean.


I love the photographs used for this ad. The glass of milk is plain and ordinary, but when you add the cookies it makes for a good contrast. The pink background makes the design look full of life and the Oreo’s logo brings all of the photographs together, with its colors.






Taken by me





Taken by Eric Lybbert





Public Domain

Link to Website


Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. From making this ad campaign I have learned that all of the elements of design are important. It’s necessary to understand the reasons behind why design decisions are made and following through with them.  And as I identified the different elements in the original ad, I was able to understand how to incorporate them better into my project.



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